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Welcome back to Idillic Fashion. Today’s article is about a color alone: white! I don’t know about you guys, but black clothes used to possess my closet. We all can agree that black is the go-to color, and often is used because it’s one of the colors that cover the flaws of your body the best. But, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to toss the black clothes out of your closet and bring in some white!


Wearing this white top with UO shorts, Kurt Geiger heeled sandals and Prada sunglasses.


The color white symbolizes purity, innocence, wholeness, and completion. Have you ever looked at an all-white outfit and felt like it puts you in a tranquil state of mind? Well, I have. Looking at white, I feel happy and imagine as I am in the Greek Islands, ready to sip my cocktails while I get sunkissed. There’s no right or wrong season to wear white; however, summer seems just about the right one to go crazy with this color. Especially if you live in hot climates, white should be your go-to color as it won’t absorb the sun lights like dark colors will, thus giving you a lighter feeling in your clothes. I’m from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey where I spend at least a portion of my summers, and I know for a fact how uncomfortable and sweaty darker colors make you feel under 95+ degree weather. So now, it’s time to go bold and go white!


Back details on fleek! This top is one of the lightest pieces I have. Wearing loose tops made out of thin fabrics tend to make you feel airy in your outfit.


I confess that those shorts are running shorts. But here is the magic, when combined with more elegant pieces they look fancy.


We all do wear white, but it’s time to step our white-game up and start using one of my favorite colors audaciously. Because white clothes can be see-through, thus is considered improper at times, some people shy away from it. However, let me remind you, we are living in an age where “Free the Nipple” is a thing, literally, and the most influential fashion icons are turning the rules of appropriate clothing upside down. Let me tell you I’m all for it. To me, there are no rules when it comes to fashion and styling. The only rule is to look and feel good.


Wearing Daya by Zendaya sweats, The Weeknd merchandise t-shirt, and Public Desire booties with fishnet socks.


These laced sweats might just be my favorite. The look of them is deceptive because they don’t look even like sweatpants, but are comfortable just like all sweats. The material is thick, so they aren’t see-through.


Fashion Tip: Try choosing ticker materials if you would like to purchase something in white, but don’t want to reveal much. For instance, white suit pants will make you look sexy but might show a little too much for professional settings. If the piece you would like to buy is, in fact, see through, you can wear it with a nude undergarment that will cover and serve as a second layer. You can also wear spandex shorts underneath. Layering will eliminate the see-through aspect of your white clothes. Or you can be playful and use colorful undergarment as I did with the dress below. It’s now very trendy to show some color under your light colored clothes if that’s something you would be down to try. This way, you can take the attention off of your body and draw it all to the color.


Wearing UO dress, Victorias Secret bra, and Kurt Geiger heels.


Wearing the same UO dress. This time with a black bralette, a belt from a Turkish store (Twist), and my favorite Zara backpack.

Now, let’s talk about not the occasions where you can be a little braver. As you might have realized, bralettes are used alone as crop tops these days, and it’s undeniable that they look very sexy. But what if you want them in white? You got two options: You can be bold and wear them just like that, or you can wear a nude sticky bra underneath. It’s layering up again. For me, when I’m in the United States I feel comfortable enough to wear my light-colored bralettes without a sticky bra, but when I’m in Turkey, I don’t dare to do that (duh). So I use either a sticky bra or breast petals to cover up a little more.


Wearing UO bralette and shorts, and my favorite sneakers from Simon Scott.


I die for these yellow sunnies from Ray Ban. They’re everything I need.

What if you want to go even bolder? Well, who’s going to stop you? Wearing see-through tops with bras is acceptable. I repeat, it is acceptable – as long as you don’t do this for work or professional events. And you already know this if you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians or Hadid sisters. Kim K. even wears her lingerie to the streets now, and please don’t deny, she’s rocking every single outfit she puts together. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, fashion icons are destroying the conventional perception of what’s acceptable to wear. It seems like the sky is the limit now, and I sure do take advantage of the freedom of choosing my outfit without having to worry about what people might think. The truth is, there will always be individuals who disagree, even if you put on your best look out there. For instance, there are some who condemn Rihanna’s outfits (she’s a fashion goddess and my #1 fashion icon). But will she give up her freedom of wearing whatever she pleases because of the criticism? Hell no. And neither should you, as long as you don’t have a reason to.

Wearing UO fishnet top, Inmissimi bra, Diesel denim skirt, Club Monaco espadrilles, Michael Kors purse, and Kylie X Quay sunglasses.


White pops in green backgrounds. One of my favorite places to take quality pictures are the parks all around the world.


My point whole is that there’s a fine line between what is proper and what’s not and this depends on each occasion. If you would like to put on a professional and more of a conservative look but still want to utilize white, you got your options to do so. And if you want to be a little more adventurous, you have your choices as well. Nobody will know better than yourself how the limits of dressing up are defined for your specific event. Indeed, there are times when you should be more careful and not reveal much. Though the traditions are changing for street style, professional places still do have their dress codes. But if there is no dress code, it means that you can explore more. Showing a little bit of your bra or bralette won’t make you wrong, and don’t let anybody tell you that. It’s your body gals, and you get to show or not as you please. Remember, as long as you are comfortable with your outfit you are doing it right. Embrace the power of your body and your clothes, embrace your femininity, and don’t shy away because you’re scared of what people might think or say. There will always be haters, but I guarantee you, nobody will dare to tell a confident woman she doesn’t look right in her clothes.

You are who you are, and you get to make your own choices. And remember, you are beautiful in every way you are. Don’t let anybody take that confidence away from you.

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