Meet Idil

Hello, everybody!

I am Idil Us, and this my very own Idillic Fashion. Aside from being a full-time fashion lover, I am a twenty years old, living and studying in Boston. To give you a quick recap of my background: I was born and raised in Turkey. At the age of fifteen, I decided to spice life up a little. The next thing I know, I was a student in the United States. That was five years ago. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an interest in fashion. I’ve always been that girl who knows every new collection that is displayed at fashion weeks all around the world.¬†Especially over the most recent years, I’ve decided to take that interest to another level, and I started seeking to pursue fashion and styling.

For my senior project in high school, I went to Istituto Marangoni in Milan to complete fashion design courses over the summer. There, I familiarized myself with sketching and the core principles of fashion design. Shortly after, I became involved with my university’s fashion club in which I had the opportunity to develop a mini-creation, and make the clothes (literally, by sewing). Through these experiences and much more, I came to discover my-now-biggest passion: Fashion!

Once a very close friend said to me, “You have more passion for fashion than all my passions combined in life.” I can’t disagree. But the best part is that all this¬†come to me naturally. Unlike what some people might think, I don’t spend crazy hours trying to decide on my outfits to make them look perfect. My secret to styling is that I dress up in accordance with my mood, and what feels right on that specific day or occasion. If I feel lazy on a day, I will most likely be in my sweats; if I feel flirty, I might be in a mini dress with a jacket on. It all really depends on what feels right at the time. I like using a lot of colors in spring and summer, while my closet turns gray and black during fall and winter time.

Over the years, I came to understand that clothes hold some power that is beyond what most of us ever realize. To give you an example, I was offered my first job in New York City when I was fifteen, only because I was wearing these shoes that engaged the manager’s attention at a Guess store. It was probably one of the most flattering moments in life, and it made me realize how powerful styling and fashion can be. In my opinion, how much clothes can inspire you is still underrated to most, but it’s bound to change, and in fact is changing with every bold statement that fashion icons make.

On this blog, I seek to show you the power of fashion and styling, and how much you can do with them. As much as we like to disagree, appearances are important in the contemporary world, but that’s not the reason why you should take fashion seriously. Fashion is powerful because it’s creative, moving and beyond all, it’s something that everybody can relate to and appreciate, even if they don’t carry an interest for it. The way you dress up leaves a bigger first impression on most individuals than you think it does, and when used correctly, it can make you stand out among others. It can open the doors to many opportunities that you wouldn’t dream of, just like that first job opportunity I so suddenly received while shopping. Realizing the power I hold in my hands through fashion, I decided to influence the world in a way that is so simple yet breath-taking: by playing dress up.

So now it’s time to take your inner shopaholic and fashion-lover to the next level. I am going to show you how effortless yet glamorous fashion can be. It’s not about which pieces go well together and which don’t, it’s all about how beautiful and confident you feel in a particular combination. It’s about how creative you can get as you evolve with your sense of fashion while maintaining a unique identity. This is Idil Us of Idillic Fashion, and without further ado, welcome to my world you all. Hope you enjoy this ride as much as I do!


Idil Us